Affiliate FAQ

The Lionella.Net affiliate program is an easy way to add e-commerce to your website and start earning revenue immediately by referring customers to our website.

Lionella.Net will pay you from 10% and up for sales generated from your site. We handle all the transactions, processing, shipping, and customer service. All you do is sit back and collect money.

You will be able to add extra content on your site, a valuable resource for quality products and services. Your visitors will be pleased to find great deals at your site. Finally, you will be rewarded handsomely for your referrals, you will get a minimum of 10% commissions on the sales.

No. Joining the Lionella.Net affiliate program is absolutely 100% FREE.

It depends on what kind of traffic your site has, but anyone that clicks through to our site and purchases something will generate a minimum of 10% commissions for you. We even ignore any fees for credit card processing, compare that with other affiliate programs!

Whenever is good for you. We send out payment upon your request. Available Payout metodes: Check, Wire Transfeer, Gift Certificate, Paypal or Wester Union Money Transfeer.

Lionella.Net would like any site that compliments ours. These site would include: shop directories, internet directories, blogs, lifstyle sites or just about any site that attracts a substantial audience likely to be interested in our products and services. We do reserve the right to reject your submission or cancel our affiliate relationship at any time if your site is deemed offensive or is deemed as undesirable for us to be affiliated with.

You place a banner, hyperlink, or text link on your site (including the special code that we give send in your confirmation email). The instant a sale is made, your affiliate account is credited with the appropriate commission. The whole process is virtually invisible to your visitors.

Yes. Just log in and check your stats: number of confirmed sales, pending sales, total commission due, and more.

As soon as you complete the online application, the HTML code with the links to our site will be made available to you and you can put them on you site immediately

Yes. We provide a variety of different banners, buttons and graphics for you to put on your site. You can also use just a text link, or design your own banner or graphic as long as we approve it.

Our visitors will place their orders directly from us on our secure server. We process, ship, and handle all the customer service, so all you have to do is collect money.

Every product we sell applies towards your commission rate level. We do not assign different commission rates for individual products like some companies do.

We do not require that you make any special sales quotas or performance tiers to earn fees or to be allowed to stay in the program. If you join our program and do not immediately see great results, use our Online Contact Form to notify us and we will offer some suggestions that might help you to obtain larger commission checks.

Unfortunately, if a customer returns an item or has a credit card that is declined your account will be debited for the appropriate commission amount. If we lose a sale, you lose your commission, after all. fair is fair. Luckily for both of us, our return rate is extremely low.

Yes. We will not try to dictate anything on your site. It is your site and you can do with it what you please. You can have a hundred links to other sites if you want to, but we Guarantee you will not find one with better products and prices than ours!

Yes. We accept affiliates from all over the world as long as they meet the standard requirements for joining our program.

Yes. We would be thrilled for you to put a link of ours on one or more of your sites. In your affiliate account you willbe able to add in as many websites as you like.

You can only use the pre-approved content that is shown and made available to you under affiliate links and banners in your affiliate account section. Please contact us if there is specific content outside of this pre-approved material that you would like to use on your site. We will need to approve the use of the content before it is used.

Of course you can. We can not think of a better type of organization that would make use of the commissions earnings than a not for profit company.

Yes you can. When you become an affiliate with us, you are essentially a partner and hopefully a friend. And we love giving friends discounts. We encourage you to buy from our great selection of products and supplies and we will gladly give you a commission back for the order. Plus if you test out our company you might give us a genuine, positive referral to the people visiting your site, which will in turn lead to more click through sales from your site, and bigger commission checks for you.